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01 February 2006 @ 08:26 pm
He Just Never Listens  
Since I have to do the cooking around the house, and dad's doctor said that he can't much salt, plus I had to go out last night, I told him not to put too much on his food...guess what? He does. Just when I thought I made it clear...maybe it's just stupidity or juse being stubborn; however, I don't think he should be left alone with salt and food anymore.

So he can to go to the doctor's and get some treatment. He's fine now, but I seriously don't know what to do with him. Children are not supposed to look after the adults!
aikou_kagura: kyo!!!!!!!!aikou_kagura on February 13th, 2006 06:54 pm (UTC)
aww...well I hope your dad gets better! If all else fails, you can always buy a pet. Which wouldn't really help, but oh well.